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Diamond Engagement Rings

Platinum Engagement Rings

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A vast majority of people agree than an engagement ring isn’t complete unless it is a diamond engagement ring. Some people prefer rubies, and others prefer emeralds, but most people prefer that beautiful glimmer of a diamond engagement ring.

Before choosing your diamond engagement ring, set your boundaries.

If you want a platinum enagement ring, look for platinum engagement rings first. If you only want a white gold engagement ring, look at white gold engagement rings first.

Diamond engagement rings can have whatever look to them you want. You can have a classic engagement ring, or a unique engagement ring.

If you are open to different engagement ring settings, first focus on the diamond, and find a setting that matches.

What cut of diamond are you looking for? How many carats? What color and clarity? Does it have to be certified?

These are all questions you will need to be prepared for when viewing diamonds for your diamond engagement ring. Good luck on your search!